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Our Sustainability Policy

At this moment, our world and its population are struggling and we need to do all we can to protect it. That is why the Bamboody team are passionate about creating and introducing reusable products into our homes, reducing our reliance on regular plastic items. We are committed to doing what we can, to lower our environmental impact as our world could use a little help from us all right now.

Sustainability is to ensure that the biosphere and human civilisation can coexist harmoniously. We need to satisfy our needs of today but not adversely affect our future.  But sustainability isn't just about environmental factors, it’s interlinked with economical and social factors also. We need to work on sustainability today so future generations can benefit. 

Here at Bamboody, We are very passionate about making sure that not just our end products, but their entire journeys, their impact on people and planet, from creation to fruition, is as sustainable as possible. We work very closely with all of our suppliers and partners to ensure we are all working in a sustainable and ethical manner.


Supply Chain

We are committed to keeping our supply chains as transparent and ethical as possible. Our products are only made from materials that are farmed ethically and sustainably - we only use organic textiles and we only ever use Moso bamboo.

Bamboody have a close relationship with our suppliers and are in continual contact with our partners to ensure regulations are adhered to.

We use FSC® certified materials wherever possible, as shown on our product pages. FSC® C007915.



We passionately believe in only using materials and processes that cause the least amount of damage to our planet. We work to ensure that no unnecessary chemicals are used in the manufacturing processes.

We only use eco-friendly and organic materials, OEKO-TEX® certified dyes and water based, toxic free paints. We only use Moso bamboo and you’ll never find any melamine added to our products. 

All Bamboody products come in recycled packaging or recyclable packing, lowering our impact further. We have worked hard to minimise our carbon footprint by consolidating our shipments and only shipping by sea and not air.